Our disastrous first post-baby date night

My husband and I’s first date night after our baby was born turned out to be a disaster. Dave didn’t like Fifty Shades Darker and Autumn had separation anxiety.

During my pregnancy we didn’t really go out and have dates to make the most of our time as a couple before Autumn arrived. This was because I just felt bad in one way or another throughout the whole pregnancy! Autumn is now almost 5 months old and we felt as though it might be time we went on our first post-baby date night. Knowing that my mum was going to be off work due to half term, we asked my parents if they would be able to look after her one evening for us.  Continue reading “Our disastrous first post-baby date night”

My breastfeeding journey

Sharing my breastfeeding story, from a fantastic start despite initial latching problems due to the issues I faced as a result of Autumn suddenly falling ill.

Breastfeeding is a very personal thing and every woman with a child has her own story about why she breastfeeds, why she stopped breastfeeding or why she formula fed from the start.

My story begins years before I even fell pregnant, when my, (then boyfriend), husband and I were discussing having children in the future. I just knew that when the time came, I wanted to feed my child myself. After all, breast is best, right?!

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Sunday Review: Kat Von D ‘Everlasting’ liquid lipstick

This Sunday I’m reviewing the Kat Von D Cosmetics ‘Everlasting’ liquid lipstick in Double Dare.

I used to enjoy watching L.A. Ink and Miami Ink when I had channels they were available on. To some extent, I’ve followed Kat Von D ever since. I love looking at her clothing, makeup and tattoos on social media, as well as her adorable cats! When she released a makeup range a few years ago, I loved the look of the products! Part of the pulling power for me was the gorgeous colours and ranges, as well as the fact that her cosmetics are vegan and paraben free. Animal cruelty is something that is always at the back of my mind when I’m purchasing new makeup and I also am growing increasingly concerned about using parabens. When some of Kat Von D’s range was finally released in the UK in September 2016 in Debenhams I was delighted! I purchased a ‘Studded kiss’ lipstick in Motorhead, as well as the London Calling limited edition set (which is no longer available). This contained mini versions of Tattoo Liner in Trooper, ‘Everlasting’ liquid lipstick in Double Dare and ‘Studded kiss’ lipstick in Lolita.

Today I’m reviewing the Double Dare ‘Everlasting’ liquid lipstick.

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When I found out I was pregnant – Mummy Bee

Bridget tells us of her surprise when she found out she was pregnant, her partner’s delight and her concerns over alcohol she’d drank on holiday.


Hi and welcome to the 2nd week of my guest series – When I found out I was pregnant. This week I’m joined by the lovely Bridget from Mummy Bee who discusses how surprised she was to find out that she was pregnant. She has also shared a scan picture and a photo of herself – she looked so stylish and glowing while pregnant! I hope you enjoy reading her story as much as I did! Continue reading “When I found out I was pregnant – Mummy Bee”

My waterbirth story

This is a relatively positive birth story about my waterbirth, in which I used hypnobirthing techniques, as well as gas and air and a TENS machine for pain relief. 

“See you on Wednesday…possibly!” I said to my Dad as we left my parents’ house on Sunday 18th September. He was free on Wednesday morning to come and swap our old leaking radiator to a new one we’d bought to replace it. Continue reading “My waterbirth story”

My 10 top tips for dealing with a cold

Here are my 10 top tips for dealing with a cold to get rid of it faster and more comfortably, including the importance of Vitamin D.

A few days ago, I got a bad cold and now poor little Autumn has a cold too. It was the first time I had a bad cold and had to look after a child. I have to say I did miss being able to just curl up and feel sorry for myself, especially when she started screaming and I had a banging headache! However, it was just a cold, I know things could be much worse. I just got on with it and did the usual things that I do when I have a cold to try and get through it quicker and more comfortably: Continue reading “My 10 top tips for dealing with a cold”

10 Reasons why I love my husband

A list of 10 of the many reasons that I love my husband this Valentine’s Day

Today is Valentine’s Day and it’s made me think about all the reasons why I love my husband. I think as time goes on and when the dynamics of a relationship change after you have a child, it’s quite common for couples to undervalue each other and not appreciate each other enough a lot of the time. Dave usually reads all my blog posts before they go live, he’s so supportive of my blog (and anything I do, actually). He doesn’t know that I’m writing this one though, so I guess this is kind of my way of saying “I might not always show it, but I love and appreciate you so much! Happy Valentine’s Day, darling!” I know he’ll have a huge smile when this pops up in his inbox this morning. Continue reading “10 Reasons why I love my husband”