A letter to my daughter at 4 & a bit months old

An open letter to my baby girl at just over 4 months old, describing my love for her and pride at all her achievements so far.

Dear Autumn,

I can’t believe how big you’re getting. Sometimes it feels so long since you were born and you were so tiny, sometimes it feels hardly any time at all. One thing is for sure, I can’t imagine life without you and I’m so glad to have you in it.

I remember family coming to visit us on the day that you were born and bringing some 0-3 months sized clothes they’d bought as a gift. I looked at you in your little elephant sleepsuit which was newborn size and too big on you and thought “wow, I can’t believe you’re ever going to fit in that!” Yet here we are, four and a bit months later and they’re too small for you.


It has gone so fast and in many ways I feel like we’ve had time stolen from us – the week you were ill, the week you had your operation and the week my anxiety problems peaked. I just enjoy every moment I spend with you. You’re so much more aware now than you used to be and so intelligent.

I’ve watched you discover your hands and gain control of them, I’ve watched you smile, I’ve watched you babble away to your toys, I’ve watched you learn new skills each and every week. You become more aware of everything around you all the time.


You are no longer my tiny little baby who just eats, sleeps, wees and poops. You are now your own little person who is so cheeky and gets such delight from Mummy and Daddy saying “KISSES!” and kissing all over your little head and cheeks. You’ve learned to roll over now, are getting your first teeth, have grown much more hair and have learned to play with rattles. I’m almost afraid to blink in case I miss something; you’re changing so much all the time, right in front of me.

I’m excited to see you continue to grow – you found your right foot earlier this week so I’m sure it won’t be long before you find the left one too and try to eat them both. When we eat or use our phones with you on our laps, you try to steal what we’re holding. When crisp packets make their crackling noises, your face is filled with such wonder.

Mummy is always busy, running around and doing washing and different things. But sometimes she has to remember to just pause and watch. Mummy watches you smiling in your sleep and listens to your cute little squeaking sounds, she takes the time to not just change your nappy but looks at your sweet little feet and toes and she watches the look of determination on your face as you try to coordinate your arms and legs when you’re on your tummy.


The thing is, you’ve already grown so much right in front of my eyes. You won’t be as little tomorrow as you are today and that will continue day after day until once again I have to move you into the next size of clothing and wonder how on earth you grew out of the last size so quickly.

I just treasure every moment with you and am sad that it’s all going so fast already, yet I can’t wait to see the person you become.

All my love always, Mummy xxx

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12 thoughts on “A letter to my daughter at 4 & a bit months old

  1. Aww, how cute is she?! I can never quite believe how fast they grow. I look at newborn baby grows now, and think there’s no way bobsy was ever that small. Never mind Michael, who is an almost 6 year old giant! But they were both in “small baby” size when they were born. It passes far too quickly! x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you 🙂 Autumn fitted best in small baby clothes when she was born and was just coming out of newborn clothes at 2 months – she’s just got so big all of a sudden these last two and a bit months, it’s crazy! I’m sure she’ll also be a 6 year old giant before I know it, it’s going too fast already x


  2. Isn’t it strange. The time goes by so quickly yet it feels like you’ve been together your whole lives! I can’t image what it would be like to not have Rory but as he turns one next week I feel like the year has just passed me by! Autumn is such a gorgeous little girl! Beautiful name for a beautiful baby xx #marvmondays

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww, thank you so much 🙂 Yes, time passes very strangely. As you said, I can’t imagine life without her now! I expect Rory’s 1st birthday will be quite an emotional day for you.
      Thank you for commenting xx


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